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Monday, November 29, 2010

The DeLay Conviction: Even the Post Doesn’t Buy It - By Bradley A. Smith

Tom DeLay, former member of the United States ...Image via Wikipedia
National Review Online: "When even the Washington Post is coming to the defense of Tom DeLay, one can be sure that something isn’t quite right with the former House majority leader’s prosecution and conviction. DeLay was convicted last week of “money laundering” for his role in raising and directing political contributions in connection with races in Texas in 2002. The basic facts are these: DeLay solicited six corporate contributions totaling $155,000 to TRMPAC, a political action committee he headed. TRMPAC then contributed $190,000 to the Republican National State Elections Committee (an arm of the Republican National Committee), which later contributed $190,000 to seven candidates for the Texas House of Representatives who had been recommended by DeLay. Because corporate contributions to campaigns are illegal in Texas, the theory is that DeLay “laundered” these contributions through the RNSEC."

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