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Thursday, October 7, 2010

GOP Insiders Blame Steele, Majority Says DNC Outperforming RNC

Hotline On Call: "Based on the results of the latest National Journal Political Insiders Poll, if the Republicans fail to score major gains in the Senate and House on Nov. 2 they already have their scapegoat -- Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele. This week, the Political Insiders were asked to judge which of their respective national party committees 'is doing a better job in the run-up to the mid-term elections.' When comparing the RNC to the Democratic National Committee, the 93 GOP Insiders who responded to the poll this week were withering in their assessment and 73% said that the DNC was out-performing the RNC. Only 15% said that the RNC was besting the DNC and 12% said neither committee had stood out.

In their comments, the GOP Insiders blamed the RNC's woes on chairman Steele who has wandered off message with verbal miscues and alienated GOP major donors. 'Steele has been a huge disappointment, especially on the fundraising front,' said one GOP Insider. Others used words like 'embarrassment,' 'horrible' and 'idiot' to describe Steele. '[DNC chairman] Tim Kaine is always on message, Michael Steele rotates which foot is in mouth,' said another GOP Insider."

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