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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anti-illegals activist to target voter fraud

Washington Times:
"Why would someone who's devoted his career to fighting illegal immigration want to become chief vote-counter for the state of Kansas? Suffice it to say that Mr. Kobach devoted his campaign to one issue, and that issue was voter fraud - and it too has an immigration angle.

The specter of illegal immigrants casting votes in U.S. elections has long frustrated Republicans, and Mr. Kobach is now poised to do something about it. Even before he's sworn in, he's already hard at work drafting voter-fraud legislation that he says will be most the comprehensive in the nation.

'This will be head and shoulders above anything any state has ever done to secure the voting process,' he said. 'My hope is to create a model with regard to stopping voter fraud that can be used in other states, like we did in Arizona' with immigration."

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