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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Does the RNC Matter? What do you think?

Pajamas Media:
"Michael Steele’s unfortunate decision to seek re-election as chairman of the Republican National Committee has sparked a bit of a debate over the relevance of the organization itself. In one corner, my friend Allahpundit over at Hot Air:

[If Steele wins reelection] Republican outside groups are bound to start planning way ahead to pick up the slack in case the RNC can’t get its act together to fulfill its traditional fundraising and GOTV roles. No one cares about the RNC as an organization, only that its functions are being done and done well by some conservative outfit. If Steele’s reelected, it means that some other outfit or outfits will be pressured to step up. Inconvenient, but not fatal. I think.

And in the other corner, Tim Mak over at FrumForum, listing three of the RNC’s built-in advantages over outside groups:

1. Coordination of Expenditures

2. Voter Files and Data; Getting Out the Vote

3. 2012 Republican Convention"

I think it would matter more if the political party coordination rules were loosened a bit. Thoughts?

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