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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 2010: Following the Money: The Law and Ethics of Campaign Finance Disclosure

Cato Unbound: "This month, lead essayist Bruce Cain makes the case for semi-disclosure of campaign-related spending. Under semi-disclosure, the public would have access to aggregate spending data for groups, as well as data about individual donors, albeit stripped of personal identification data. Semi-disclosure might work a lot like the census, in which data is made available, but privacy is still protected.

Will Cain’s proposed compromise work? Will it satisfy all sides in the debate? To find out, we’ve invited a panel of experts. Over the next week and a half, election law scholar Rick Hasen, the Cato Institute’s John Samples, and Common Cause’s Nikki Willoughby will each give us their thoughts on the future of campaign finance regulation, either with or without semi-disclosure."

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