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Friday, October 29, 2010

Utah voting machines left unattended in lobby -- even after authorities were notified

Los Angeles Times: "Phil Windley saw an odd sight Tuesday in the lobby of the office building where he works in Lehi, Utah. He noticed nine voting machines loitering unattended on push carts.

Windley knew what they were and how sensitively they should have been handled and stored because he is a longtime IT professional, and for a few years was the chief information officer for former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt.

'I believe these are voting machines sitting in the lobby, unprotected & unwatchef,' Windley tweeted to his 2,500-plus followers, obviously so disturbed at his discovery that his message had a typo. He took a photo, posted it to his blog, and added it to his tweet.

Wednesday morning he saw that the machines had yet to be stored in a locked facility. 'Voting machines are still in the lobby. Overnight,' he tweeted."

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