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Monday, October 11, 2010

Texas Election Board to Consider Fraud Charges

The Daily Tribune Online - News: "'Being told repeatedly that ‘we are not the election police' is more than I can take,' Cross wrote. 'After constantly questioning you on the codes I have attached and highlighted, you have continued to tell me, ‘Do what I tell you to do, I am the boss and I remind you again not to discuss these matters with anyone outside the office.' You have been very adamant about this.'

Cross attached to her resignation 37 pages from the Texas Election Codes, highlighting the paragraphs on how applications for mail-in ballots are to be handled, including sections regarding agents and deputy registrars acting for voters, how mail-in ballots are to be delivered, and how they are to be validated.

'I feel the stress and anguish I have been suffering from what I feel are violations being continuously ignored or just plain overlooked is too much for me to endure anymore,' Cross wrote to Rockwell. 'This conduct makes me feel as if I am doing something illegal.'"

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