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Friday, October 29, 2010

Is Speaker Pelosi Violating Campaign Finance Laws?

Pajamas Media: "For months, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other House members were privately and publicly fuming about the absence of liberal TV and radio ads by third-party groups in support of Democratic candidates. From their point of view, all sorts of groups were AWOL on the media front — ranging from environmental and health groups, to women groups and unions.

Things reportedly came to a head in mid-September when endangered Democrats in two private House caucus meetings pilloried liberal advocacy groups with the speaker in attendance. Their aides took notes and reportedly began calling in threats to the activist groups: go on the air or suffer the consequences.

Throughout September insider media outlets such as Roll Call and Politico chronicled the high drama that went on inside the Democratic House chambers. According to one account published in Politico, Speaker Pelosi “assured the Democrats that, while organized labor was helping with field operations, she was trying to get allied liberal groups to give House Democrats some air cover, too.”"

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