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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Independent Expenditures Report

Sunlight Foundation Blog: "National Republican Congressional Committee ($13,979,025) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ($10,370,412) disclosed spending the most money on directly attempting to elect or defeat federal candidates (called independent expenditures) as of this morning. Labor union SEIU and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are next, with American Crossroads, a section 527 organization that top Republican political strategist Karl Rove advises, placing fifth. National Republican Senatorial Committee places tenth ($2,749,953) — significantly less than AFSCME, American Future Fund, the 60 Plus Association and Americans for Job Security. U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent the most on issue ads that mention federal candidates (called electioneering communications) with $8,838,680, followed by American Future Fund ($1,548,778)."

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