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Friday, October 8, 2010

FEC Approved Google Advisory Opinion

FEC: "Advisory Opinion 2010-19 (Google). On October 7, the Commission approved Advisory Opinion 2010-19 (Google). The Commission concluded that Google, Inc.’s AdWords program, a program that generates text ads in conjunction with keywords chosen by the advertiser, does not violate the Federal Election Campaign Act, as amended (the Act) and Commission regulations under the circumstances described in the request. Further explanation on this conclusion will be provided in the Commissioners’ forthcoming opinions.

Advisory Opinion 2010-21 (ReCellular). On October 7, the Commission approved Advisory Opinion 2010-21 (ReCellular). The Commission concluded that ReCellular, a corporation that recycles and resells used cell phones and accessories, may transmit to political committees contributions from consumers resulting from the sale of used cell phones. The Commission further concluded that ReCellular is not required to charge recipient political committees any costs reflected in the purchase prices paid to consumers. The Commission determined that in order to avoid making a corporate contribution to the recipient political committee, ReCellular must charge the committees for any incremental expense resulting from emailing the consumer’s address, employer, and occupation information, as required by the Act, if this information is not paid by the consumer."

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