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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disclosing a Dem Double Standard- Allison Hayward

National Review Online: "“Some had to know, then, who created this ad,” Bauer wrote on his now-defunct blog. He explained that self-styled campaign-finance reformers supported disclosure of the identity of political communications because they claimed that “this knowledge is useful in evaluating its truthfulness or judging merit.” As for Bauer, he had no time for such nonsense. “An argument is fully open to evaluation without attention to the person making it,” he blogged in March 2007. “In fact, this is evaluation on the merits; it is precisely to keep the argument focused on the merits, not judged by the appeal or reputation of the author, that some authors choose not to reveal themselves. It has always been remarkable that proponents of ‘deliberative democracy,’ with their emphasis on reasoned debate, will favor a style of argument that forces reason into the background while propelling personal authorship to the foreground.”"

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