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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Washington Post vs. Americans for Prosperity

Washington Post on Americans for Prosperity: Think it's a coincidence that the "issue advertising" is running, and naming names, in districts of vulnerable Democratic incumbents? Consider this attack on Washington Democrat Denny Heck -- who isn't even in office -- for "putting Nancy Pelosi's agenda ahead of our needs" and being "a 30-year political insider." The $180,000 ad campaign started running the day after Mr. Heck won the Democratic primary. In a district with an open House seat in Michigan, the group is estimated to have spent almost $350,000 attacking Democratic nominee Gary McDowell.

Americans for Prosperity LetterAll of AFP's citizen-education efforts -- including our television advertising -- have been bona fide issue advocacy designed to advance our mission of promoting limited government fiscal and economic policies, lower taxes, less spending and less onerous regulation. Because we engage in no electioneering, we have done nothing after the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision that we were not already doing before.

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